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Expertise Navigating the
Medicaid Maze

Medicaid applications are not the easiest part of the Medicaid Planning eligibility process, leaving you feeling frustrated in the Medicaid maze.


Medicaid Success was designed to help PACE organizations get their prospective enrollees approved for Medicaid. No matter where you are in the process, we offer full Medicaid Planning support including case design and analysis. You are not alone in your journey to getting your potential enrollees approved for Medicaid -- we are here for you.

Medicaid  Application Solution For

PACE Organizations

Why Choose Medicaid Success?

The Medicaid Success Advantage

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Get Medicaid applications approved faster


Save staff time and expenses with our low-cost solution

Get more participants approved for Medicaid benefits


Have Medicaid expertise on your side - we have over two decades of experience nationwide


Have peace of mind as every Medicaid eligibility specialist is also a Certified Medicaid Planner™


Never worry about recertifications - we will handle the periodic recertification of the case through the participant’s lifespan

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Boost Revenue

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Process more cases

Get cases approved faster

No longer say no to complex cases - we can get them approved for you

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Cut Expenses

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Less work - faster turnaround, more value

Outsource Medicaid applications to cut staff expenses

Never worry about finding dependable, suitable staff again

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PHONE: 888-615-6144 

FAX: 888-742-4711

Medicaid Success is not a free service,

nor is it a government agency.

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